• Click onto the Availability page to check whether your selected date(s) & times are available - select the correct room from the drop down menu and then use the arrows to navigate to the relevant month within the calendar
  • Click on the + icon next to the date in question - you will then be able to either create a new account, or login with your registered email address/password
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to provide the relevant booking details including the booking name, time and date, whether it's a public booking or private (public bookings are displayed in the Calendar for everyone to see), finally Save your booking.
  • Both you and our Booking Clerk will receive emails advising of your provisional booking request.
  • Once we have verified the details within the booking request an invoice will be issued (payment details are included on the invoice).
  • Upon receipt of your payment, we will issue another email confirming your booking.
  • Please ensure that you follow the instructions on the invoice/booking confirmation emails in order to arrange access to the keys (this must be done at least 7 days before your booking).
  • Weekend all day celebration bookings can be arranged through the Bookings Manager, should there be a regular booking on the day you require.


As our Bookings Manager is only available part-time, please allow up to 1 week for your invoice to be generated. If you should have any questions, or if you have not received your invoice within a week of your booking request, please contact our Bookings Manager, Mr Andrew Glenday by E-mail:  or telephone: 01367 718210 / 07766880792 (before 20:00)

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